Managing Sales Tax Audits - The Auditors Speak

State Revenue Officials Share Insights for Removing the Agony From Audits

Recording of a 100-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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This seminar will provide corporate sales tax specialists insights into and perspectives from state auditors about their requirements and preferences for managing sales and use tax audits.


State sales and use tax audits are inevitably adversarial at times — sometimes highly adversarial. However, having advance intelligence into what the other side expects allows a corporate tax department to plan for a smooth audit.

This seminar will feature candid insights from a cross-section of states' audit administrators about what constitutes an efficient sales and use tax audit from their side of the table. Tax executives can use this "insider knowledge" to calibrate their pre-audit plans and strategize for audits.

Listen as our panel of state sales tax audit specialists tells you the steps that companies can take to ensure a well run audit and the kinds of sales tax mistakes and missteps they absolutely do not want to see.



  1. Preparation for the audit
    1. States’ procedures for assigning auditors
    2. Scope of auditors’ pre-audit research
    3. The pre-audit meeting
    4. Specific examples from panelists’ states
  2. Auditors’ expectations for conduct of the audit
    1. What to expect from initial contact with the auditor
    2. Preparation for the opening conference
    3. Specific examples from panelists’ states
  3. Procedural aspects of the audit
    1. Common mistakes in audit samples
    2. Procedures for sales tax reviews and use tax reviews
    3. Specific examples from panelists’ states
  4. Alternatives to the conventional audit process
    1. Managed audits
    2. Emerging trends
    3. Specific examples from panelists’ states
  5. After the audit
    1. Preparation for and conduction of the post-audit conference
    2. Resolving auditor error and areas of disagreement
    3. Presenting payment prior to assessment
    4. Specific examples from panelists’ states


The panel will give you insights on these and other critical topics:

  • Expectations and standards for sales and use tax audits.
  • Measures taxpayers can take to move audits along
  • Mistakes and missteps by corporate taxpayers that irritate revenue agencies
  • Conduct and poor documentation the auditors find intolerable


Jim McGrady
Jim McGrady
Senior Revenue Consultant
Florida Revenue Department

He works in the state's general tax administration program, which is responsible for administering and collecting 36...  |  Read More

Rich Unen
Rich Unen
Process Group Manager
Florida Revenue Department

He oversees the comprehensive sales and use tax audits of large multi-state and multi-national corporations. He and his...  |  Read More

Vicki Gibbons
Vicki Gibbons
Audit Bureau Director
Wisconsin Revenue Department

She has worked for the Revenue Department since 1983, and currently oversees audits in the income, sales and excise tax...  |  Read More

Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

He has worked in the Audit Division of the Comptroller's Office for five years where he manages sales and use and mixed...  |  Read More

Jim Kuhl
Jim Kuhl
Supervising Tax Auditor 3
California Board of Equalization

He heads the Board's sales and use tax audit information section. He has worked for Board of Equalization since 1992,...  |  Read More

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