Life Care Plans in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Presenting or Challenging Future Damages Calculations

A live 90-minute CLE webinar with interactive Q&A

Date: TBD

This CLE webinar will guide personal injury plaintiffs' counsel in using life care plans to measure and present future medical damages to a jury in traumatic brain injury cases. The panel will also explain strategies that defense counsel frequently uses to challenge life care plans throughout a case: discovery, cross-examination of life care planning experts and closing argument.


Plaintiffs' counsel frequently use life care plans in traumatic brain injury cases to convince a jury that their clients are entitled to significant damages for future medical expenses. The life care plan is a dynamic document, based on published standards of practice, that includes a comprehensive assessment of the plaintiff's medical condition and outlines the plaintiff's current and future needs and all associated costs.

Plaintiffs' counsel must understand how to effectively utilize life care plans to bolster their clients' damages recovery. Counsel must also ensure the cost estimates for future care stated in the plans are in line with the actual costs of the plaintiff's current treatment and are not exaggerated. Plaintiffs' attorneys must be ready to withstand attacks against life care plans by defendants' counsel.

Defendants' counsel must prepare to attack a plaintiff’s life care plan. Life care plans can be discredited thorough discovery, motions and cross-examination. Further attacks arise from Daubert challenges against the life care planning expert.

Listen as our authoritative panel discusses the plaintiffs' and defendants' perspectives on the use of life care plans in traumatic brain injury litigation.



  1. Overview of life care plans
  2. Plaintiff strategies
  3. Defendant strategies


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • The purpose of life care plans in traumatic brain injury litigation
  • Tactics for plaintiffs' counsel using life care plans to measure and present future medical damages
  • Tactics for defendants' counsel to challenge life care plans


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