Jury Selection in Personal Injury Litigation: Connecting With Today's Jury Pool

Using Effective Juror Profiling and Voir Dire to Pick the Best Jury

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Conducted on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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This CLE course will provide personal injury litigators with key techniques for selecting jurors. The panel will offer specific tips for using questionnaires, weeding out jurors, dealing with tainted jury panels, and avoiding common mistakes during voir dire.


Effective jury selection is one of the key aspects in the outcome of trials on personal injury claims. Prospective jurors often possess strong beliefs and biases based on their own experiences and generational differences. These beliefs will color how they view a case.

In assessing whether a potential juror would help or harm their personal injury case, litigators should compare the background of the prospective juror to the plaintiff, their occupation and educational level, and their cultural predisposition. By using tested jury selection techniques, personal injury attorneys can develop insights into potential jurors and weed out those they don’t want.

Listen as our authoritative panel of personal injury litigators discusses key techniques in profiling jurors to determine potential biases, preparing for voir dire, and selecting a jury that is more likely to support your client’s position.



  1. Using social media as a part of jury selection
  2. Effective questioning
  3. Determining biases, including generational biases
  4. Dealing with a tainted jury panel
  5. Identifying who to strike


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • How can lawyers get biased jurors removed for cause?
  • What types of open-ended questions are likely to indicate the biases of potential jurors?
  • How can personal injury litigators precondition jurors to the key themes in their case during voir dire?
  • How is social media affecting the jury selection process?


Jeb Butler
Jeb Butler

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Matthew Wetherington, Esq.
Matthew Wetherington, Esq.

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