Health Law Week

Your weekly update on the latest legal developments affecting the healthcare industry – in a concise, quick-reading format

Ceased Publication

This newsletter ceased publication 12/31/14.  Back issues are available while supplies last.


Health Law Week briefs you on the latest court rulings affecting every aspect of the healthcare industry nationwide. You won’t miss a single important case.

Each weekly issue saves you valuable time by summarizing 20-30 important cases affecting health law issues, including medical malpractice, facilities management, HIPAA and privacy, products liability, Medicare and Medicaid, insurance and access. In less than 60 seconds, you can scan the front-page summary to identify those items that require your immediate attention.

Plus, you’ll get updates on selected health law news and regulatory developments to help you shape your client's policies and procedures, and quick-read summaries of carefully selected law review articles – to offer you a broader perspective on the law and help you anticipate future changes.

Written and edited exclusively by attorneys and guided by a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board, Health Law Week is designed for time-pressed attorneys and administrators for healthcare providers – hospitals, group practices, clinics, nursing homes, insurers and managed care providers – and employers dealing with healthcare matters and insurance coverage.

Reference Indexes

These comprehensive guides are conveniently organized in three ways—by both parties' names, by jurisdiction, and by subject matter—offering a unique research and reference tool.

In addition, the extensively detailed topics and subtopics make it particularly easy to locate cases of interest. Indexes can be downloaded at no charge.


Back Issues

Individual back issues and full year sets of back issues are available. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-926-7926, ext. 10, to specify which issue(s) you need.