Getting Top Results From Your Security Officer Force

Tactics to Maximize Performance and Reduce Turnover

Best Practices and Multiple Industry Perspectives

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Keeping your top-performing security officers is a constant challenge, but it’s particularly difficult when the best people have plenty of opportunities elsewhere. Getting the most out of each and every member of your staff is another daunting task.

Retaining valued officers (in-house or contract) and maximizing performance is more art than science. Get ahead of the game by learning from your peers and fellow security executives about successful tactics that your security department can quickly and successfully implement.

Listen as our panel of experienced corporate security leaders shares their best ideas to get top results from their officers — and which approaches they’ve scrapped from years of experience.



  1. Understanding And Measuring The Officer Turnover Rate
  2. The Role Of Compensation And Benefits In Officer Performance
    1. Techniques to benchmark fulltime and contract officer pay against local, national market data
    2. How to get that information
    3. Integrating performance pay into the company’s system
    4. Use of progressive pay and bonus programs
  3. Officer Training As A Retention Tool
    1. Training on both job requirements and unique culture of company
    2. Providing both basic and advanced training
    3. Rewarding an officer’s advanced certifications
    4. Partnering with a contract guard firm’s own training program
  4. Employee Motivation Tools
    1. Low-cost, high-potential-return efforts
    2. Officer recognition and rewards programs
    3. Offering those programs to contract as well as fulltime officers
  5. Other Retention Techniques
    1. Developing a spirit of empowerment among officers
    2. Identifying a company career path for an officer
    3. Formal and informal mentoring
    4. Providing coaching and special attention in an officer’s early weeks on the job
    5. Making contract officers feel part of the team
    6. Value of officer briefings and pre-shift meetings
    7. Input tools such as officer surveys


The panel prepares your security management to do a better job when it comes to:

  • Using post orders and check-ins to ensure stringent oversight of officers and keep their attention on your company’s biggest risks.
  • Providing consistent, clear communication with your guard force when demands on a security leader’s time have never been greater.
  • Leveraging motivational tools and putting pay increases in the proper context.
  • Training and re-training, covering post orders and identifying other skills that benefit your security mission and energize officers.


David Kimmerly
David Kimmerly
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DJ Boss and Associates

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Anthony Lauro
Anthony Lauro
Eastern Region Security Manager

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