GC's Role in Remote Work Legal Issues: Data Governance, Privacy, Automating Documentation, Employee Communication

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

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This CLE webinar will address the need to effectively manage corporate data while business workforces remain principally in a work-from-home environment. The panel will discuss how to construct a centralized data catalog and how management can effectively work with their teams remotely. The panel will explore the legal issues of securing and communicating data across a company governed by federal, state, and international privacy restrictions, and the role of insurance coverage in breach response preparedness and as part of a cybersecurity and data privacy risk management and mitigation strategy.


The remote work environment has become prevalent for many organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and general counsel responsibilities have evolved during that time. General counsel trying to run their legal departments from home during the COVID-19 pandemic have faced unique challenges.

One of the major concerns is addressing the data management needs of a company. Internal and external cybersecurity or data breaches are significant potential exposures for all organizations, and remote working conditions can exacerbate the dangers by introducing more variables into the work environment. Adding to the challenges are the fact that legal departments managing trade secrets and confidential client information may have an ethical duty to secure this information from unauthorized and inadvertent exposure. Counsel are well advised to consider what types of solutions best address these situations and establish policies for secure file sharing and data breach response preparedness.

General counsel are also well advised to consider how automation of legal drafting can function as an efficient practice. A contract management system customized to your needs can connect your legal team with the rest of the company. Adopting an automation strategy can reduce the burden on lawyers for guidance on minor matters, allowing them to spend more time on higher-level work.

Responsive communication policies are likewise important and facilitate the fostering of an internal culture of idea-sharing through leadership. Through technology, general counsel can provide the digital workplace a better way to collaborate, communicate, and connect with their team. Counsel are encouraged to work with management to ensure that all employees have the resources they need at home with virtual offices. Staying internally connected is critical for employee satisfaction and corporate success.

Listen as our expert panel discusses the various challenges that general counsel face when directing a primarily remote workforce. The panel will discuss ways to utilize technology to handle data governance, privacy issues and automated documentation and communicate deliberately and clearly, setting realistic expectations.



  1. Data management
    1. Secure file sharing
    2. Data breach response preparedness
  2. Establishing privacy policies
  3. Automation of documentation
  4. Communication with employees


The panel will review these and other important topics:

  • How can the GC assist the company in creating a data management policy to address privacy issues?
  • What type of secure file sharing and data breach response preparedness policies can GC establish to improve company performance?
  • How can a legal department institute an automated documentation system to improve quality and reduce costs to the company?
  • What communication policies can GC institute to foster better corporate culture?
  • What role can insurance play in breach response preparedness and as part of a cybersecurity and data privacy risk management and mitigation strategy?


Awotwi, Adwoa
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Anderson Sutton, Roberta
Roberta Anderson Sutton

Potomac Law Group

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