Form 5500 Updates: Achieving Full Compliance

Navigating the New Schedules and Data Demands

Recording of a 100-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Thursday, May 7, 2009

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This seminar will review the material changes to Form 5500 and its schedules and recommend approaches to obtain and report the new data needed for complete compliance.


In preparing their clients' 2009 Form 5500s over the next few months, employee benefit plan specialists at accounting firms and businesses have quite a number of changes to digest. How completely they understand those changes, and how well they prepare, will make a world of difference.

Labor Department revisions to Form 5500 are commonplace, but this year's overhaul is unusually widespread. Plan consultants must handle demands of at least two new schedules, not to mention significant reworkings of several other schedules (most notably, Schedule C on service provider information).

Add to those increased data demands the upcoming mandatory e-filing of reports and detailed qualifications for which plans can file the Form 5500-SF short form, and the result is a major preparation project for employee benefit plan advisors.

Listen as our panel of experienced and authoritative benefit plan specialists gives you the bottom-line briefing and practical suggestions you need to help accurately and completely prepare this year's Form 5500 and prepare for the 2009 plan year filing.



  1. Changes to Form 5500 and certain schedules
    1. Form 5500 needs total number of contributing employees at multi-employer plans
    2. New sections on Schedules A, C, H and R
    3. Enhanced disclosures on plan fees and expenses
  2. Preparing entirely new schedules
    1. Tips and instructions for actuarial schedules SB and MB
  3. New 403(b) plan filing requirements
    1. Treating 403(b) plans like 401(k) plans
  4. Form 5500-SF Short Form for certain smaller plans
    1. Which plans qualify
    2. Data still required despite shorter format
  5. Reporting rules for delinquent participant contributions
  6. The new EFAST 2 E-Filing System
    1. Rules and requirements
  7. Adjustments to plan administrator compliance procedures for 2009 Form 5500


The panel will enable you to do a better job in these and other important areas:

  • Making tough choices about how to accurately report eligible indirect compensation on the new Schedule C.
  • Preparing the new actuarial schedules SB and MB, and providing new data on Form 5500 itself and on schedules A, H and I.
  • Understanding the rules and procedures of the upcoming mandatory e-filing process.
  • Deciphering the realities of the new short form (is it really the same data on fewer pages?) and ascertaining which plans are eligible to use it.

Following the speaker presentations, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.


Brenda DeSaro
Brenda DeSaro
Manager, Pension Services Group
Amper Politizner & Mattia

She has more than 12 years of experience in public accounting and handles pension plan audits and consulting for public...  |  Read More

Lona Ebert
Lona Ebert
Senior Manager, Retirement Services
Virchow Krause & Co.

She has worked with the firm for 22 years and handled qualified retirement plan administration and consulting the past...  |  Read More

Cynthia Whitacre
Cynthia Whitacre

5500 Tax Group

She is a co-founder of the firm, which specializes in Form 5500 compliance, and has 14 years of experience with...  |  Read More

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