Federal and State New Markets Tax Credits

Mastering the Fundamentals of NMTC Incentives Used in Various Financing Structures

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Conducted on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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This teleconference will prepare advisors and tax professionals with the tools to work effectively on business transactions financed in part with federal or state new markets tax credits.


At various stages of an equity investment transaction (investor, community development entity, recipient business), tax advisors and professionals must become familiar with the income tax aspects of federal new markets tax credits and of the 14 state NMTC programs available.

Earlier in 2012, the Treasury Department approved the latest, $3.6 billion tranche of federal NMTCs, and Congress is expected to extend the program again soon. The 39%, seven-year credit rewards investment in businesses in low-income areas that is funneled through community development entities.

As NMTCs become ever more mainstream, tax specialists must master fundamentals such as potential risks (e.g., possibility of credit recapture if CDEs redeem investments too soon), the reality of federal tax on capital gains, and how "twinning" with state tax credits can boost available NMTCs.

Listen as our panel of consultants who work frequently with new markets tax credits explains the essentials of federal and state tax-related benefits and risks.



  1. How the NMTC works
    1. Goals for and amount of the credit
    2. Parties involved in an NMTC-backed transaction
    3. Qualification tests
  2. State NMTCs available
    1. Which states have credits in place or have considered creating them
    2. Examples of some state credits, and their terms
  3. Benefits and risks with NMTCs
    1. Raising amount of federal NMTCs available
    2. Risk of recapture
    3. Capital gains issues
  4. Near-term future of NMTC program
    1. Status of renewal bills in Congress
    2. How projects in the pipeline are being affected now


The panel will explore these and other fundamental aspects of NMTCs:

  • Qualifying community development entities, investors, developers and businesses.
  • Special federal tests for income, use of proceeds, use of property and other activities.
  • Examples of state NMTCs, and how they track or part from the federal approach.
  • How federal credits can potentially be forfeited under certain circumstances.
  • How coupling federal NMTCs with state tax credits can maximize the federal incentive.

Following the speaker presentations, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.


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