Effective Security Officer Training on a Tight Budget

Innovative Approaches to High-Quality Training

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Officer and manager training is vital to the corporate security machine, but it is still burdened by budgetary pressures at most companies. How can corporate security leaders craft comprehensive, high-quality training programs in the most cost-effective way possible?

Bringing training in-house to save on vendor costs is a natural first step. Online instruction also should be considered, so that a far-flung security work force with conflicting schedules can be trained promptly. However, such conversions are not always easy or risk-free.

Some security training topics, such as use of weapons, are best left to skilled vendors. Other topics require a classroom or field setting for officers and managers to learn best. Learning from peer experiences will help you avoid choices driven by costs that can lead to poor security coverage.

Listen as our panel of veteran corporate security leaders and security consultants shares their hard won experiences and strategies for delivering high-impact, but cost effective, training.



The panel will offer valuable guidance in these and other training-related subjects: 

  • Training vendor negotiations: Tips for driving the best deal for your security department.
  • Evaluating training options: Perspectives on identifying courses that you can confidently move in-house.
  • Training-The-Trainer: Picking the subjects that can be effectively delivered by a security staff member—and how to select, train or certify that individual.
  • E-Training: Determine courses that can be shifted online without sacrificing effectiveness—and how to set up the electronic training infrastructure.


Ted Almay
Ted Almay
Chief Security Officer
Deloitte & Touche

He previously was Chief of Security for insurance company USAA in San Antonio.

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Stevan Layne
Stevan Layne
CEO and Principal Consultant
Layne Consultants International

His firm provides classroom and online security training support to companies and governments worldwide.

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Craig Gundry
Craig Gundry
Vice President of Special Projects
Critical Intervention Services

The firm provides a range of classroom and online security training services. He previously ran a company specializing...  |  Read More

Sam Faulkner
Sam Faulkner
Response to Resistance

He has been an expert witness in hundreds of lawsuits involving use of firearms or physical force. His firm specializes...  |  Read More