Drafting Complex Cloud Computing Agreements: Negotiation and Risk Mitigation Strategies

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Conducted on Thursday, December 18, 2014

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This CLE webinar will provide guidance to business counsel engaged in drafting complex cloud computing agreements. The panel will review the most critical issues and concerns that should be addressed during contract negotiations to effectively mitigate risk.


Cloud computing is a powerful tool to expand data capacity, reduce costs, and enable accessing applications and data remotely. Cloud computing is associated with enormous legal risks, risks that continue to evolve and emerge. Carefully negotiated cloud computing agreements are critical to mitigate such risks.

Business counsel negotiating cloud agreements should focus closely on the provisions addressing service availability, service levels, and data security and control. Insurance, indemnity, intellectual property, limitations of liability, and warranty provisions are also critically important.

Listen as our authoritative panel explains best practices for negotiating and drafting a complex cloud agreement. The panel will discuss key provisions that should be included in the agreements and considerations for businesses and cloud computing vendors during contract negotiations.



  1. Key provisions in complex cloud agreements
    1. Service availability
    2. Service levels
    3. Data security
    4. Data ownership/use
    5. Insurance
    6. Indemnification
    7. Limitation of liability
    8. Warranties
    9. Intellectual property
    10. Other key provisions
  2. Strategies for streamlined negotiations and resolving contract disputes


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What contract terms are most frequently included in complex cloud agreements?
  • How can counsel for businesses and vendors entering cloud contracts best mitigate risk when drafting and negotiating the agreements?
  • What are the most commonly disputed issues during cloud contract negotiations and what are some effective strategies for resolving them?


Matt Karlyn
Matthew A. Karlyn


Mr. Karlyn has extensive experience with transactions relating to outsourcing and information technology, including IT...  |  Read More

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