Designing Effective Post Orders

Refining Post Orders to Improve Officer Performance and Reduce Risk

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Well-designed and executed post orders must demand constant attention from corporate security leaders. Crafted effectively, they help ensure consistent, effective officer performance. If not actively managed, they expose your employees, customers and visitors to additional risk.

Effective corporate security leaders rigorously revisit and review their post orders, integrate them into officer training, and use adherence to them in performance evaluations. Post orders are a keystone to thorough security coverage.

Listen and participate from your telephone as veteran corporate security professionals and consultants give you a blueprint for creating effective post orders and ensuring that they are followed throughout your organization.



  1. Corporate Goals For Post Orders
    1. Differences between post orders and site-specific orders
    2. Need for conformity and uniformity
    3. Making post orders a key part of mitigating risk
    4. Ability to use post orders in special situations
    5. Problems with specific officers
  2. Proper Structure Of Post Orders
    1. Creating post orders from scratch
    2. Level of detail about specific officer assignments
    3. Specific dos and don’ts
    4. Who is authorized to undertake what assignment
    5. Frequency of post visits
  3. Using Post Orders To Manage Proprietary, Contract Officers
    1. Overall scope of service
    2. Legal protections for company
    3. Writing treatment of contract officers into post orders
      1. Stipulating authorized uses of contract officers
    4. Use during officer annual performance reviews
  4. Training Officers Based On Post Orders
    1. Aiming for consistent and regular officer actions
    2. Testing officers based on post orders
  5. Reviewing And Updating Post Orders
    A. Making them a “living document”
    B. Goal is to eliminate officers’ guesswork
    C. Frequency of reviews, and by whom in security department
    D. Which aspects of post order performance are evaluated
    E. Making changes based on risk assessments and general administrative
    vulnerability reviews


The panel will provide guidance to help you:

  • Ensure that your post orders have all the measurable standards your company needs to guarantee a high-quality security effort.
  • Clearly communicate post orders, both initially and through periodic updates.
  • Establish a testing and monitoring system to ensure that your officers are fully informed of changes and that they are following the orders in a disciplined fashion.
  • Use post orders to convey exactly what your company expects from its security services provider.
  • Document your company’s record on providing staff, customers and visitors proper security via detailed post orders


Lawrence DeBlasio
Lawrence DeBlasio
Global Security Director, Asset Protection and Management Group
Prudential Financial

He has oversight of security force operations, the command center and physical security enhancement projects...  |  Read More

James Palmieri
James Palmieri
Associate Manager Asset Protection and Management Group
Prudential Financial

He currently manages security planning and operations for Prudential. Previously, he specialized in commercial and...  |  Read More

Steve Surfaro
Steve Surfaro
Strategic Channel Manager
Axis Communications

He is chairman of the ASIS education committee, and serves on the ASIS Physical Security Council. He has worked in...  |  Read More

John Dobrzynski
John Dobrzynski
Loss Prevention Supervisor
Aurora Health Care

He has worked as a Security Supervisor for Aurora since 2001. He has worked in health care security since 1991 and...  |  Read More

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