Defeating IP Counterfeiting: From Retail Goods to Counterfeited Companies

Policing and Protecting Brands and Enforcing Rights Against Infringers

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Conducted on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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This CLE course will provide IP counsel with a reality check on the expanding scope and breadth of counterfeiting in copying and selling retail goods and co-opting brands. This global phenomenon involves the counterfeiting of anything possible, including entire companies. The panel will discuss how counsel can successfully manage the growing global threat both from outside and inside a client's company.


Counterfeiting has evolved from retail luxury goods exported from China to a global economic force with counterfeiters from every country illegally reproducing brands, products and well-known business websites to sell goods around the world. This counterfeit explosion is fueled by an alarming increase in the associated crimes of intellectual property theft, cyber attacks and the creation of parallel counterfeit companies imitating successful companies’ brands and products.

Counterfeiting steals revenue from the rightful owner of a brand or website, particularly for multi-national manufacturers. Solutions for combating counterfeiting will include a review of China's new trademark law, which goes into effect in May 2014.

Counsel to IP owners must create and implement both an internal corporate protection program and an external enforcement plan to combat the ever increasing threat of IP counterfeiting.

Our panel, consisting of anti-counterfeiting experts, an IP attorney and a member of a renowned investigation firm, will discuss the evolution of counterfeiting and its expansion into associated crimes. The panel will offer solutions to protect the company’s  intellectual property  from both internal and external threats.



  1. Alarming reality of counterfeiting today
    1. Broader scope and reach
    2. Expansion into associated crimes
  2. Regulatory/legal issues in China aiding counterfeiting today
  3. Solutions
    1. For external threats
    2. For internal threats
    3. Regulatory/legal solutions in China to protect IP under new Chinese trademark law


The panel will provide you with the following techniques and approaches to manage this threat:

  • An appreciation of the alarming rate of increase in IP counterfeiting and associated crimes—and how it hurts the economies not only of industries, but of countries around the world.
  • The internal steps your clients or company can take to protect their IP and corporate brands and the external measures needed to enforce their IP rights.
  • The ways that the current Chinese trademark law helps counterfeiters, and how the new Chinese trademark law may help your company protect their IP.

Following the speaker presentations, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.


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