Completing Form 1120-IC-DISC: Navigating Complex Schedules and Transfer Pricing Elections

Tying Intercompany Transfer Information to the IC-DISC Tax Return

Recording of a 110-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Thursday, January 19, 2017

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This webinar will provide corporate tax advisers and compliance professionals with a thorough and practical guide to meeting the tax compliance challenges of an Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) Return. The panel will offer step-by-step guidance to completing a Form 1120-IC-DISC, using completed sample forms as illustrations. The panel will review the additional forms and schedules that must be filed to accompany the Form 1120-IC-DISC.


Formation of an IC-DISC company provides significant tax benefits for U.S. businesses engaged in export activities, but they also offer accounting and compliance challenges for tax advisers. A critical task for tax advisers is allocating profits between the DISC and its related U.S. supplier to maximize the taxable income of the DISC and minimize the income of the supplier, while withstanding IRS scrutiny. Tax advisers also must ensure that the DISC does not become disqualified due to failure to meet both the 95% asset and income tests and follow required corporate formalities.

IC-DISC taxable activities are reported on a Form 1120-IC-DISC. The form contains a number of complexities, particularly concerning how to calculate intercompany pricing, which tax advisers and compliance professionals need to thoroughly understand to maximize tax benefits for the DISC company. Because a number of the schedules within Form 1120-IC-DISC are not commonly found on other corporate tax returns, the compliance and reporting tasks for an IC-DISC company can challenge even experienced tax advisers.

Two schedules that stand out as being particularly difficult and integral parts of the IC-DISC return are Schedule J, Deemed and Actual Distributions and Deferred DISC Income for the Tax Year, and Schedule P, Intercompany Transfer Price or Commission.

Listen as our experienced panel provides practical guidance to help you master the calculations, schedules and elections needed to accurately file a Form 1120-IC-DISC Tax Return.



  1. Structure of Form 1120-IC-DISC
  2. Verifying DISC qualification as part of the compliance process
    1. The 95% Asset Test
    2. Ensuring the DISC follows corporate formalities
    3. Separate books and records requirements
  3. Calculating DISC taxable income
    1. Pricing rules and administrative pricing methods
    2. Combined taxable income determination
    3. Reporting on Page 1 and Schedules A through E
  4. Schedule J, Deemed and Actual Distributions
  5. Reconciliation schedules and schedule M-4 analysis of accumulated IC-DISC income
  6. Schedule P, Intercompany Transfer Price of Commission
  7. Illustration of completed return and schedules


The panel will discuss these and other important topics:

  • Maximizing IC-DISC taxable income while minimizing related supplier’s taxable income
  • Defining and calculating combined taxable income
  • Electing pricing method for intercompany transfer price
  • Navigating the complexity of Schedule J, Deemed and Actual Distributions and Deferred DISC Income
  • Taking calculations and reporting them onto the various schedules of Form 1120-IC-DISC


James Loizeaux
James Loizeaux

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Margaret (Peggy) Nowak, EA, MST
Margaret (Peggy) Nowak, EA, MST

Director, International Tax

Ms. Nowak has over 20 years of experience performing tax services, the majority of which was spent in International Tax...  |  Read More

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