Colossus, Xactimate, AI, and Other Insurance Adjustment Software: Maximizing Auto Accident Claim Settlement Offers

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Conducted on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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This CLE course will examine Colossus and similar claims adjustment software used by insurers to evaluate auto accident claims. The panel which includes James Mathis who created the program on which Colossus is based and then taught Colussus to insurers, will discuss recent updates using artificial intelligence and recurring legal challenges, as well as offer best practices for obtaining higher settlement offers from insurance adjusters and defense counsel that rely on this software.


In auto accident claims, more than 70 percent of all insurers use Colossus and similar software, including Xactimate, to assess bodily injury claim values and limit defense settlement offers. The largest U.S. insurer of automobiles, State Farm, uses the T.E.A.C.H. (Total Evaluation and Claim Handling) protocol, written by Mr. Mathis.

Plaintiff's counsel should understand how the software works, its limitations, and how it impacts insurer settlement offers to claimants. Plaintiff's counsel should also be knowledgeable about the other processes and software affecting settlement authority, such as the medical management software each insurer uses (Decision Point, Medico, MBRS and its underlying database, Ingenix), and understand the significance of "active" versus "passive" treatment procedures.

Plaintiff's counsel today should also be sensitive to each insurer's claim practice procedure programs, including ACE (Advancing Claims Excellence), CCPR (Claim Core Procedure Review), ACME (Advancing Claim Management Excellence), MIST (Minor Impact Soft Tissue), and many others.

Counsel should examine controlling factors, such as the accuracy of all injury diagnoses and complete diagnoses, recognized complaints, as well as otherwise unaccounted pain and suffering damages. There are 10,720 value drivers; 17,000 severity drivers; and multipliers that increase the impact of these drivers in determining the settlement authority for each claim.

Listen as our authoritative panel guides personal injury counsel on Colossus and similar software and processes used by the insurance industry to evaluate claims. The panel will discuss legal challenges and offer best practices for obtaining higher settlement offers from insurance adjusters and defense counsel that rely on this software.



  1. Colossus-type software and programs explained
  2. Increase in the use of AI and its impact on claim analysis
  3. Clinical perspective
  4. Legal considerations and practical strategies for personal injury counsel


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • How insurance adjusters use evaluation protocol to determine settlement offers
  • Types of injuries that have the most impact on the amount of a settlement offer, and the types that are least likely to be included in the calculation
  • What you can do to identify those factors which increase value to your client's case
  • Tips and techniques to use with adjusters that use Colossus-type evaluation software


Mathis, James
James Mathis

Sequoia Visions

Mr. Mathis has over 32 years of professional experience in the insurance industry as an expert consultant on insurance...  |  Read More

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