Choosing the Right Security Services Vendor; Negotiating the Best Deal

Smart Ideas and Best Practices from Savvy Security Executives

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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A poor vendor choice or sloppy contract negotiation for security services can wreak havoc on a corporate security department. Horror stories abound about poorly performing guard services providers, systems integrators or security consultants – and about wasted expense that could have been prevented by clear contractual specifications.

Changing vendors and negotiating new security services agreements don't happen every day. So, the hard-won experiences of respected peers in selecting and negotiating with services firms, the mandates they've adopted, and the mistakes they've learned to avoid, will help you make smart choices.

Listen as our panel of veteran corporate security leaders share their best practices during separate sessions on screening and negotiating performance terms with providers of guard services, security systems integrators, and consultants needed for specialized projects such as creating emergency response plans or workplace violence policies.



You'll leave the teleconference armed with useful, time-tested new tactics in areas such as:

  • Obtaining references – and asking the right questions - that will give you a realistic view of a vendor.
  • Keeping bids, low and high, in proper perspective, to make sure your company gets what they pay for and doesn't pay a higher price for substandard services.
  • Putting a schedule of deliverables and deadlines in the contract and making sure the firm sticks to it.
  • Containing costs so that your company doesn't get socked with unanticipated add-ons.


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Jacques Andersen

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