Blockchain Applications in Real Estate Finance: Mortgage Origination, Securitization and Servicing

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Conducted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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This CLE webinar will familiarize real estate finance counsel with some of the current and potential uses of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in commercial mortgage origination, securitization, and servicing. The panel will also discuss the legal and regulatory hurdles companies may encounter in moving transactions onto a distributed ledger or blockchain.


Blockchain will revolutionize real estate finance. A single blockchain can embody all transaction information in one digital shared document, which is updated and viewable simultaneously by all members of the network. Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and A/B structured loans are particularly well suited to benefit from DLT given the various constituencies involved in sale and servicing.

Today’s securitization process involves review by broker-dealers, issuers, investors, accountants, attorneys, rating agencies, and trustees. Similarly, loan participations involve multiple lenders and servicers. Blockchain technology can make a digital representation of the underlying loan, copies of all origination documents, loan documents, and payment history accessible in real time.

The use of smart contracts enhances the transformative qualities of the blockchain. In addition to automatic notification of any loan-related event, smart contracts can make automated payments to all loan participants based on the waterfall provisions set forth in a pooling and servicing agreements.

Listen as our authoritative panel discusses the architecture of DLT and potential applications of blockchain in the commercial lending context, with a particular focus on MBS and transactions with multiple participants or senior-subordinated structures. The panel will also discuss regulatory and data security concerns with implementing blockchain.



  1. DLT and blockchain
  2. Applications
  3. Legal and regulatory issues


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • What is a distributed ledger, and how does it change the documentation of transactions and information?
  • How can smart contract execution and enforcement be embedded in a distributed ledger or blockchain?
  • What are some of the current and proposed uses for blockchain in mortgage-backed securities?
  • What legal issues arise with blockchain that are not present with more conventional formats?


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Timothy Willis
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