Accounting for Contributions, Pledges, Grants and Donations to Non-Profits

Navigating the Uncertainties Surrounding FAS 116 and FAS 117

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Conducted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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This webinar will provide non-profits’ tax advisors with a review the material terms of accounting standards and guidance on accounting for contributions, donations, pledges and grants to non-profits. The panel will also provide insights and perspectives into facing practical challenges that aren’t specifically addressed in the standards.


When it comes to accounting for contributions, pledges, grants and donations to non-profits, the most on-point standards are FAS 116 and FAS 117 (ASC 958). The standards have been around for a while and are straightforward, yet even experienced advisors stumble through gray areas with proper accounting.

To avoid inconsistent accounting or misstatements, certain questions must be posed, e.g., has support rather than revenue been received? Has a promise to give been made, or just intent expressed? And, certain evaluations must be made, e.g., is the contribution conditional or restricted?

Answers don’t always come easily, and standards don’t necessarily address them specifically. Advisors may reach different conclusions about accounting and internal controls, so perspectives from experienced peers on applying the standards to contributions is valuable.

Listen as our panelists suggest their own approaches and best practices in this vital area of non-profit accounting.



  1. Standards and guidance that apply
    1. FAS 116 and FAS 117
    2. Pending revisions to OMB grants management guidance
    3. Chap. 5 of AICPA’s Not-for-Profit Entities Audit and Accounting Guide
  2. Practical issues that arise with contribution and grant accounting
    1. Support vs. revenue, re: contribution
    2. Promise vs. intent
    3. Conditional and restricted contributions
    4. Contribution recorded in right year, in right amount
    5. Proper disclosures
    6. When to record non-cash contributions
  3. Scenarios involving non-profits


The panel will address issues such as:

  • What are the critical differences between support and revenue?
  • How does a verifiable promise differ from intent to contribute?
  • How should you account for conditional or restricted awards?
  • How should non-cash contributions be recorded?


Neely Duncan
Neely Duncan
Lane Gorman Trubitt

Ms. Duncan has more than 10 years of public accounting auditing experience on a variety of planning, risk assessment,...  |  Read More

William R. Moss
William R. Moss
William R. Moss, CPA

Mr. Moss has been a licensed CPA for 37 years with experience in both public practice and as a corporate financial...  |  Read More

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