Access Control Enforcement

Strengthen Your Policies and Procedures to Increase Employee Compliance

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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One of the biggest risks facing corporate security leaders on an almost daily basis comes from inside the company due to employees' careless disregard of access control policies.

The way employees often mistreat their access privileges can cripple a security department's well-planned access control system. For example, employees routinely piggyback through checkpoints, exchange access cards and badges with co-workers, or casually leave their cards lying around to be stolen.

Tolerating this behavior sets the stage for unauthorized persons to enter the premises for a variety of undesirable purposes, including theft or even violence toward your staff.

To address this access control problem, security must take a broad-based approach; Effective education and encouragement about policies, tougher enforcement and preventive tactics, and risk-mitigation measures such as ensuring access privileges are terminated rapidly when needed.

Listen as our panel of security veterans outlines tactics that have worked for them and helps you and your company get and maintain control over its access control problem.



The panel provides guidance to help you: 

  • Preventing piggybacking through access control stations
  • Controlling and proper care of access cards, badges and keys
  • Auditing and re-qualifying access privileges
  • Disseminating information to terminate access privileges quickly
  • Educating staff and getting their buy-in to ensure access security


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