IRS Credit

Who accredits Strafford webinars for Enrolled Agents Who accredits Strafford webinars for Enrolled Agents and Return Preparers?

Strafford is an IRS approved continuing education provider offering certified courses for Enrolled Agents (EAs) and Return Preparers (RTRP). All credits must be obtained through IRS-approved CE Providers.

How many EA or RTRP credits will I earn by participating in a Strafford webinar?

Strafford webinars for Enrolled Agents and Return Prepares are generally 110 minutes long and earn 2.0 credits. The exact amount depends on the duration of attendance, including Q&A, and thus cannot be determined in advance.

How do I apply for EA or RTRP credit processing through Strafford?

To obtain Enrolled Agent (EA) or Return Preparer (RTRP) credit hours, you must:

  • participate in a designated EA or RTRP program on your own web connection
  • affirm your participation by responding to verification prompts that are displayed throughout the program
  • confirm your participation by completing and submitting an Attendance Affirmation/Evaluation after the webinar and include your PTIN number
  • pay any additional fees for credit processing

How do I apply for credits?

A link to the Attendance Affirmation/Evaluation can be found within the "thank you" email that is sent to each registrant following the conclusion of the program.

How are my credits reported to the IRS?

Strafford will report your credits directly to the IRS and email you a copy for your records. Credits will be reported within 30 days of the program date. If you have questions about IRS credit, please email

Can I apply for IRS credit on my own?

All credits must be processed through IRS-approved CE Providers such as Strafford.

Is IRS credit available on recorded events and on-demand webinars?

The IRS does not currently allow continuing education on recorded events.