Live Webinars

How many people/locations can access the program online or dial into the program?


Each paid line gives you a single PIN to establish one web connection to view the program. PINs to gain access to the webinar are issued per line:  additional colleagues will not get a PIN as they will listen to the webinar on the same connection.

You are welcome to gather your team or staff into a room to listen together, however each person in attendance must be registered. Conferencing in other lines/locations is not allowed.  If you need additional PINs to access the program from multiple computers, please contact Strafford Customer Service via email or call toll-free at 1-800-926-7926 to purchase additional lines (available for 25% off the registration price). 


Each attendee must purchase his/her own connection. Each person requesting CPE processing must be registered for a line or as a colleague (even those listening in a group) and pay the additional $35 CPE processing fee.  

To obtain CPE credits for a Strafford webinar while participating via a group, attendees must participate in the live event via a computer, affirm participation by responding to verification prompts that are displayed throughout the program, complete and submit back to Strafford a proctor form. Submission of this form is required in order for Strafford to process CPE for GROUP participation (in one room on one computer).  Please contact customer service at 1-800-926-7926 to register additional people and reference your weborder # from your receipt.