On-Demand and Recorded Webinars

How do I access my Recorded Audio or Recorded Webinar downloadable files?

Downloadable files are posted to your Strafford web account. To access your downloaded file(s) from your account, click on "Sign In" at the top of the page and enter the account holder's email address and password. (You will have the opportunity to set or reset your password if needed.) Once signed in, click on the name or email address on the upper right side of the web page to access your account.

Your downloaded file(s) will be listed. If the Download button appears under the Download column, your file is available immediately. If not, MP3 files will be available for downloading 24 hours following the live program, Webinar downloads will be available 48 hours following the live program (pre-payment required). You can re-download any file from the Strafford website for up to one year.