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What is an in-person seminar?

A Strafford full-day in-person seminar is a lecture-format program conducted in a classroom setting featuring a panel of experts and offering opportunity for networking and direct interaction with speakers.

Where are Strafford's full day in-person seminars held?

In-Person full day CLE seminars are held in New York City or Washington, DC. See event page for more details on the specific location. You may also attend the live broadcast online.

How late can I register for an in-person seminar?

You may register any time up to the start of an event, so please arrive thirty minutes early to allow time for registration and check-in. Or call Strafford Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-926-7926 no later than 7:30am the day of the event. This will help ensure that you make the start of the program.

Will I receive handout materials for an in-person seminar?

The seminar handouts are written by the Seminar faculty and are made available to paid customers 48 hours prior to the seminar.  Also, flash drives with all the course materials will be distributed to those attending in person upon check-in.

Do you offer accommodation discounts for in-person seminars?

A limited number of discounted rooms are available. See event page for more details.

Are lunch and parking included with in-person seminars?

Most events include a working session over lunch. Unless otherwise noted, parking is on your own. See event page for more details.

What is your in-person seminar cancellation/refund policy?

For in-person seminars, refunds can be requested up to 48 hours before the seminar. You may substitute an attendee at any time.

Can we record a Strafford in-person seminar?

Recording our programs is not permitted.


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